In jungle!

Waiting for luggage in Manaus and have seen phil Neville, guy Mowbray and Stan Collymore.

I wonder who we will see next?


8 thoughts on “In jungle!

  1. What an amazing place to be! Just watching the news & a few fans being interviewed. Have a fantastic time! (Try & talk to the BBC…!) Judy 🙂

    • Hi judy, yeah it is amazing! That’s interesting we have seen many cameras interviewing people from other countries but haven’t seen the BBC yet unfortunately. Will keep trying though and thanks I’m sure we will it has been great so far.

    • Hi Phillip and Tom, yeah they have I couldn’t believe it everyone wanted Holland to win in the bar we were in so it was a great atmosphere as you can imagine! What did you think about the England game? Thanks it has been great so far and I’m sure it will be better if we beat Uruguay! Any arsenal transfer news as well? X

      • Hi boys, Sagna gone on free to City, but Cambell who has been out on loan for 3 years looked useful for Costa Rica. Thought England looked useful going forward but suspect on left when defending due to Rooney playing out of position. x

      • Hi Phillip, oh that’s a shame but sure am sure we will replace him with someone younger! Really liked the look of Campbell so that’s good. Completely agree don’t know why he was playing there! X

    • Hi Biddy, yeah it has been great and we have done so much already that it is very hard to mention everything in the blogs! Thanks will keep doing as many as possible unless the connection is bad which it has been sometimes.

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