Dorm Life


Well… Where to start. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard we were going into a dormitory. I knew it wasn’t going to be a five star luxury hotel with private showers and I wide range of breakfast and I wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t really bad though and it is all part of the experience! It has also made me think how lucky I am in every day life.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the hosts of the hostel straight away. They were a family of three and the mum was very intense and the dad was going around with his shirt off shouting in Portuguese! Both of them were quite scary although their son was surprisingly normal. They showed us to our dorm and we were the first to arrive so got to choose our bunks. We were then introduced to two English guys called Colin and Joe who were having a lads holiday and also an American couple.

If there was any spare moment we would be chatting about the football including the premier league. Jordan, the American, knew a lot and was a big talker. I was surprised by how much he knew about ‘soccer’ but this shows how big the premier league is. As for Colin and Joe, we formed an immediate friendship and are hoping to meet up with them in São Paulo.

Generally the hostel was quite cramped with a lot of people using the showers and toilets so we often had to wait our turn. We soon got used to it though and it has turned out to be a memorable few days in Manaus.

Now looking forward to Rio with a bit more civilisation…



2 thoughts on “Dorm Life

  1. Sounds like a real adventure you’re having! Loving the blog, it’s great having ‘real’ updates as opposed to what’s shown on the news. Atmosphere here is good, everyone seems very optimistic for England, all talking about match on Thurs… Have fun!! x

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