Rumble in the jungle


What a game, what an atmosphere. In the first half England were the better team and Raheem Sterling was amazing. In my opinion I think he should have played on the wing and the much criticised Rooney should have played in his favourite role behind Sturridge, which is where Raheem played but I’m not the manager!

When Italy scored they went crazy along with all the Brazilians who were there. It was a real setback for England who had all the chances. But then came the moment everyone had been waiting for when almost straight away Daniel Sturridge scored from a ROONEY cross. We all jumped and went crazy even though it was so humid but you forget about the weather at moments like this.

Just a shame about the second half when Super Mario Balotelli scored (man of the match although it should have been Sterling). This really was the end because after that Italy just defended and we suffered in the hard conditions, both the weather and the pitch.

Final score 2-1 to Italy. I think we deserved at least a draw giving the performance. Down but not out, bring on Uruguay!


2 thoughts on “Rumble in the jungle

    • Thanks mum I do my best! Obviously there is a lot more to say about the match but I think those were the main important points. Is there any team/injury news that you have heard regarding England?

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