The day of death

It was the day of death. It was the start of the group of death games and the day that James and I were going to hike/trek up to Christ the Redeemer. Both of which were equally daunting but the latter would only affect us.

After a more normal breakfast in the hotel we were greeted by a friendly Brazilian called Denis, who was our guide for the trek that awaited us. On the way we picked up 10 Americans so as you can imagine it was a loud mini bus ride to the start of the trek. When we arrived at the start we both noticed that one American looked a bit unfit and perhaps would struggle. We were not wrong. Denis said that the start was easy but all of us struggled particularly that American who conceded that he would have to take the tram up.

The rest of us continued our hike and it got a lot harder once it got steeper through the Forest where we saw waterfalls, monkeys and birds. We all really struggled and particularly when we had to scramble up a rock face using a chain.

But unlike Portugal (who lost 4-0 to Germany) we survived our day of death and made it to the top of Corcovado and it was well worth the pain.



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