Brazil v Argentina

The match for Brazil turned out to be 0-0. It was nothing like the match that followed.

I had always wanted to play football in Brazil and I did just that on the Copacabana beach.

We were walking on the beach trying to look for a game to join in and at first there were only little boys playing but we both wanted a challenge.

After a while we came across a proper game which turned out to be mostly Brazilians in shirts and Argentinians in skins. Given that I was wearing a Brazil shirt and had the Brazilian flair and James was wearing a blue shirt and has always liked Argentina it was fitting that I joined Brazil and James took off his shirt to play for Argentina.

The game was very competitive with crunching tackles and it wasn’t long until we got stuck in and had a few touches of the ball. I did a defensive clearance that nearly went in and James had a left footed shot that was on target but easily saved!

Eventually Brazil won (because of me?) and afterwards we all shook hands. We would have swapped shirts but of course the Argentinians didn’t have any.


4 thoughts on “Brazil v Argentina

  1. I’m sure the Brazillians were terrified by Pick’s silky skills. They must have thought they were on Candid Camera or something. Well done on the blog Morgan. Here’s a journo tip, you should have asked Mr Ferdinand his opinion on John Terry’s love life

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