Corcovado cancelled!

After we composed ourselves from the taxi journey we looked to find a way to get up Corcovado but not by trek this time.

We immediately saw a long queue for a mini bus to the top but we thought it would be nicer to take the tram. So we walked past the queue and went to the tram ticket office.

But when we got to the tram it turned out that the tickets were sold out for the morning. So we started heading back for the queue to the minibus (which was slightly longer now) but we saw this old guy who told us there was a coach 5 minutes up the road.

We started walking up the road but after 10 minutes we couldn’t find it so we turned back and joined the queue for the minibus (which was even longer now).

After a short while we saw another guy who was like Jesus in the way that he had many people following him and he controlled the roads with the cars stopping before him. After about 15 minutes of walking we came to some coaches but there was a queue far longer than any we had seen before.

So in the heat we headed back and joined the queue for the minibus once again (which was now even longer still).

We waited in the queue for a while but it was hardly moving. By now James was getting even more annoyed. So eventually after all of of that we decided to give up on Corcovado and head back to Copacabana.

But what a good decision that turned out to be…


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