England finally get a point!


I watched the game yesterday and was thinking that it was really annoying that the only group game James and I didn’t see turned out to be the one where we actually didn’t lose!

On the other hand it wasn’t the best game and both sides knew their fate before the game had started. This clearly showed in the match where England lacked confidence and Costa Rica were happy to defend to make sure they finished top. It ended 0-0 and there were a few positives to take including not conceding a goal and creating a enough chances to win but overall we need a big change. I personally think Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard should quit now to let Barkley, Sterling and Wilshere fulfil their potential for the coming years.

To be honest though our group was technically the hardest in world rankings and we might have done better in another group but that ‘s football and England probably would have gone out on penalties in the quarters again and who would want to see that!

Things can only get better for England and hopefully we will have a good Euro 2016 and then be ready for the World Cup in 2018.

Before the tournament I predicted that England would come top along with Italy in second. How wrong I turned out to be!


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