Suarez and his teeth


Love him or hate him, Luis Suarez just can’t help but always be in the headlines for good but mostly bad reasons. It is quite funny but also quite strange for a person to do this knowing the consequences.

For a bit of background to the story, Suarez used to play for Ajax and got banned for biting someone, then playing for Liverpool he bit a Chelsea player and got banned for 10 games and now he is at it again.

It is unbelievable that someone could do the same thing three times, get banned and go through all the media reaction all over again. I think he had actually just got over the previous bite after a sensational season with Liverpool. I even wanted him at arsenal but despite him being a great player he lets himself down too often and will probably get another ban from FIFA!

It is a shame because he was playing so well, Uruguay are through and they desperately need him.

Most importantly Suarez you have let me down because you were in my World Cup fantasy football team!



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