Round of 16 day 1 – Suarez less Uruguay v Colombia

After watching the second game of the last 16 it was very apparent that Uruguay needed Suarez. Without him they just lacked that bite in attack!

About the game I wanted Colombia to go through because I think they deserved it more than Uruguay and they will be a real force against Brazil in the quarters.

Special mention to James Rodriguez who scored the goal of the tournament and has scored the most goals so far ahead of stars like Messi, Neymar and Muller. Most of the teams left in the competition have that one special player like the ones I have mentioned but also Robben, Benzema, Hazard and the greatest of them all, Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell who plays for Arsenal of course!

But overall Colombia had that player in Rodriguez who scored both the goals to make it 2-0 and Uruguay didn’t have their special player in Suarez who apparently has returned to Uruguay as a hero which I can’t understand at all because he could have made the difference.


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