Should Robben get a bigger ban than Suarez?

Arjen Robben is known for his theatrical dives and he has now even admitted himself that he dived during the game. He didn’t admit to diving for the actual penalty but many people think it was a dive as well. From watching him play against Arsenal he does go down very easily as do many other players these days.

But the big question is should FIFA punish him and if so should it be more than Suarez’s 4 month ban. Suarez’s behaviour was terrible but it did not affect the outcome of the game. By contrast, Robben’s dive won the match for Holland at Mexico’s expense.

Both are world class players but they have let themselves down in this way. Although Suarez also has a reputation for diving he hasn’t done it in this major tournament and it was the biting for which he got punished. But surely Robben is the bigger cheat and should get the bigger ban?


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