British Day!

What a day to be British!

On Sunday the 6th of July it was a day for Brits. It was men’s final day at Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Tour de France in England. All of which produced plenty of drama and celebrations.

Wimbledon was the event I watched the most which included the men’s final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic as well as the mixed doubles final which was the last match of Wimbledon 2014. The men’s final was an absolute classic and went to a thrilling 5 sets! Roger Federer was the underdog for once as he is older now and Djokovic is in his prime but Federer was certainly the most popular. I personally wanted Djokovic to win because Federer has won it a record equalling 8 times and Djokovic has only won it once.

All the games were very tight with both players serving well and it went to five sets with the match looking as if it was going to go on forever. At one stage in the 4th set, Djokovic was 5-2 up and had a championship point in his favour but Federer remarkably came back to win the set 7-5. Everyone thought that Djokovic might then collapse but instead he showed the mark of a true champion by claiming the final set. It took just over 3 hours but Djokovic won and celebrated with his coach, Boris Becker, who I think had a big influence on his victory just like Lendl did for Murray last year!

The mixed doubles final unlike the previous match was over in 2 sets and that brought an end to a thrilling tournament.

The British Grand Prix also had drama in that fan favourite Lewis Hamilton had completely messed up in qualifying to be 6th on the grid but he dramatically turned it around to finish 1st and therefore be only 4 points behind Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg who didn’t finish the race.

Finally the Tour de France was in England for the first time in many years and many people gathered to watch the cyclists battle for the yellow jersey.


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