What a game!

Well… I have never seen anything like that in my years of watching football, not even England or Arsenal! It is definitely a match that will be talked about for ages and go down in history but Brazil will want to forget it ever happened!

The real reason they lost though wasn’t because of they way they played but because I wasn’t wearing my Brazil shirt and that James wasn’t watching it!

The way that they just fell apart in front of their home supporters and completely embarrassed themselves and got destroyed by the Germans was incredible. It was the worst game in the history of Brazil and broke so many records in the wrong way which made matters worse along with the fact that they were the hosts. Brazilians have never forgiven their team for losing the final to Uruguay in 1950 but they have something to be more ashamed about now with their current team just falling apart in 6 minutes!

Brazil could argue that they didn’t have poster boy Neymar and captain Thiago Silva but they were still a good team. It is like they gave up without their 2 star players and got humiliated as a result. Credit to Germany as well though because they made them look worse by playing brilliantly. So you can look at it in 2 ways in that Brazil played terribly and Germany played brilliantly and both mixed together to form a score line of 7-1 to Germany.

It was all about the 1st half though with the Germans scoring 5 goals and 4 of them were in 6 minutes where Brazil’s back line just forgot how to defend and Germany’s attack had the game of their lives! I couldn’t believe it when I watched it and I felt really sorry for the fans of Brazil who were crying because it means so much to them.

Brazil played a lot better though in the 2nd half which wasn’t hard because they played so badly in the 1st and they created a few chances which giant Neuer easily saved! He along with Germany were also so annoyed that they conceded one at the end which was quite funny and shows how up for it they were.

Overall though, Germany were ruthless and are definitely my favourites to win now and I think Holland or Argentina won’t stand a chance if they play like that again! Brazil still have a chance to redeem themselves though in the match of the tournament (not) the 3rd place play off game which means absolutely nothing apart from a bit of pride for Brazil I suppose!


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