Who wants to play against Germany?

After the game yesterday it was very hard to compete against it and both Holland and Argentina both must have thought that the Germans were a fearful opposition to face!

This could have effected the match in that the game was very tight unlike the one before and both teams were destined to go to penalties! It was like neither team wanted to win to face Germany in that they offered little going forward and allowed the other to keep the ball. The match was played in tough conditions as well though with the rain pouring a lot making the ball move faster and therefore the players losing it more. Messi was non existent by being man marked by the Dutch and Robben couldn’t get in the game either.

The game had very few chances and it had to be settled by penalties which unlike last time for the Dutch Louis Van Gaal didn’t replace his keeper with Tim Krul and stuck to Cillessen. Was this a part of his plan to make him think that he had to prove himself I don’t know but apparently the keeper had never saved a penalty in his professional career! This explains Van Gaal’s decision but maybe he should have done it again!

Without Tim Krul, Holland struggled and another mistake was that Ron Vlaar a central defender took the 1st penalty and missed. Like I said last time the best player should take the 1st penalty to get off to a good start and Argentina did exactly this when Messi scored their 1st goal. Holland really struggled after this and Sneijder also missed to send them out!

It finished 4-2 to Argentina on penalties and they celebrated while Holland commiserated. But it was a great tournament for them and they should be proud of their achievements especially beating Spain 5-1 in their opening game! Argentina march on though and face the daunting prospect of facing Germany in the final. But you never know what can happen and if Messi can have a better game then they have always got a chance!


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