3rd Place play off

The 3rd place play off game is usually the worst game of the World Cup but Brazil v Holland was definitely an exception for many reasons.

Firstly, it involved the hosts Brazil and they always make it a good spectacle in terms of atmosphere and fans. Also because everyone really wanted to see how they would play after their 7-1 humiliation against Germany. The game is a lot more important for them than Holland in terms of pride in that Holland have done themselves justice already and they haven’t actually lost in normal time in the tournament because they went out on penalties. Brazil on the other hand really needed to get some much needed pride back for their fans as well as ending on a high because up until the Germany game they actually played quite well.

The match unfortunately finished 3-0 to Holland to add more misery to Brazil and effectively sack their manager Luis Felipe Scolari as if they were having any doubts before. They got off to the worst start when their captain Thiago Silva (who they thought was much needed in the Germany game) showed that he was just as bad by bringing down diver Arjen Robben (which to be fair to Silva isn’t very hard to do, although it was actually a foul this time) in the first few minutes to give away a penalty and get a yellow card. However the referee got it completely wrong when replays showed it wasn’t in the box so should have been a free kick and he was also the last man so should have been sent off for denying a clear goal scoring chance. Two big decisions straight away by the referee which affected the whole game.

The big question is would Brazil have rather had their captain sent off for the whole game and probably save the free kick or a yellow card and probably let in a penalty. In the end though the ref made the wrong decision and Van Persie scored the penalty to bring a stunned silence in the crowd. Things were made worse when even a blind (Daley Blind-Holland left back) player scored against them to make it 2-0 and a late goal put an end to it. Brazil definitely played better than they did against Germany so leave the tournament with a bit more pride but the damage was done and they must now try to rebuild their team. Neymar was carrying them and it showed so much when he wasn’t there!


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