As well as the greatest game on earth this evening there is also another battle between people watching the match on BBC or ITV.

For many people this might be a tough choice but for me it is very easy for 3 reasons:

1. BBC has no adverts and ITV does.
2. BBC has better pundits than ITV including Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen (who will be retiring after this match) and Alan Shearer. All of which are really respected footballers compared to Adrian Chiles!
3. BBC has no annoying music like ITV does.

I really think that the majority of people will think the same as me and choose BBC over ITV making it very embarrassing for them in terms of viewers tuning in. But at least they had the 3rd place play off game all to themselves yesterday!


2 thoughts on “BBC v ITV

  1. Well said Morgan. that ITV ‘Brazil’ song is so annoying! Surely they must have known it would grate on people?

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