The final

This is it… The Fifa World Cup Final 2014 in Brazil between their arch rivals Argentina and their semi final destroyers Germany.

After a month of exhilarating football from 32 countries there are only 2 teams left fighting it out for the greatest trophy in the world.

On one side you have Argentina who have been many people’s favourites from the start and you can’t blame them with stars like captain Messi, Masherano, Aguero, Di Maria and Higuain. However they have struggled to really make an impact and although they have got to the final they have only just beaten all the teams they have faced including in their easy group. They have done it though with much help from a certain Messi who carried them though the group but in the knockout stages he has found it hard to make an impact and they have scraped through. Nothing against Messi though who can’t do it all by himself and needed help from his team which he didn’t really get.

This links to the fact of football being a team game and Germany are the prime example of this. The majority of their players all play for German giants Bayern Munich which must have helped with team chemistry and the others also play in the German league apart from Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski who all play for the greatest team in the world! They unlike other teams have no stand out stars but loads of world class players including best keeper/sweeper in the world Neuer, captain Lahm, Hummels, top scorer Muller and playmaker Ozil. They unlike Argentina have made a big impact and their thrashing of Portugal in their opening game really set the tone for them. However they did struggle against minnows Algeria and squeezed through until the game of tournament against Brazil! They are definitely my team of the tournament and have done exactly what Engalnd should do in relying on young players to come through together until their peak ability.

After all the build up the match itself was rather disappointing with both teams either just really tired from the tournament or afraid to really go for it in fear that they would expose themselves at the back. They were a few key chances though and Argentina actually had the best ones with Higuain in particular missing a sitter (which my sister could have scored!) before he celebrated a goal which turned out to be offside unfortunately for him. Messi also had a good chance which just missed and that summed up his match with all the expectation on him he just couldn’t do it. The game was destined to go to extra time and so it did with neither side able to break the deadlock.

Even in extra time the match looked destined to go to penalties but it in the end it was all about Germany and Super Mario (Gotze) who became the first substitute to ever score in the World Cup final and he did so with a well taken goal with only 7 minutes remaining. This left Argentina with little chance of response and Germany were the eventual winners of a fantastic tournament which has been said to be the greatest of all time! Germany celebrated and Argentina commiserated having to wait for ages in silence for the presentation.

Overall, I think the best team deservedly won and they will be a real force in Euro 2016 and in the next World Cup in Russia 2018 which I can already not wait for!


3 thoughts on “The final

  1. Have really enjoyed all your blogs…well done Milligan….however your sister might not be best pleased with your allusion to her….!

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