Commonwealth Games Review… “A little bit ****”?

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was certainly one to remember. Both for reasons off the field and on it regarding a certain Usain Bolt.

Bolt was definitely the stand out star in the games and he upset everyone when he apparently criticised the games which got him much abuse from the public. He however denied the claims and said he was looking forward to running in the 4×100 relay.

The games itself produced many great performances including Bolt and co winning the 4x100m relay final in a commonwealth games record. Following Britain’s success of London 2012, England came out on top in the medal tally for the first time since 1986, winning 58 gold, 59 silver and 17 bronze medals which totals to 174. Australia who had won every medal count since 1990, came second with a total of 137 medals. Canada came third with 82 medals and hosts Scotland followed in 4th with 53 medals which is the best they have ever done. So overall it was a battle between England and Australia like it usually is but this time it was England who prevailed.

The games in particular were a breathe of fresh air with non Olympic sports making an impact including rugby sevens, squash and netball. Maybe the Olympic committee could learn from this?

Regarding England, the gymnastics team which included Louis Smith and rising star Max Whitlock, excelled, helping England considerably with their medal tally.

The games as a whole has been said by athletes, spectators and organisers to be the “best games ever”. So not what Bolt was accused of saying after all!


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