Snowy Essex

It’s the greatest sporting shock in history. It is more shocking than Bradford beating Chelsea in the FA cup this season, more shocking than any upset ever in the FA Cup actually!

I am talking about The Jump final where reality TV star Joey Essex took on Olympic athlete Louise Hazel and Rugby World champion Mike Tindall. He was the underdog by far having only jumped once in the whole competition and the other two had impressed in previous attempts. It is even amazing how he managed to get this far in the contest anyway so I suppose he had nothing to lose.

Louise Hazel jumped first from the highest ski jump and got an impressive distance, then the moment came where Joey Essex jumped and amazingly recorded the second biggest distance in the competition! This meant that only Mike Tindall could beat him and if anyone could it, would be him, because he had jumped the longest distance in the show so far. However he had also suffered a big fall and this might have played on his mind as he couldn’t manage to repeat his distance again.

This was the moment that shocked the world as Joey Essex (the next Eddie the eagle) had beaten two athletes to win a sporting competition. This just shows that anything can happen in life and if Joey can do it then anyone can!


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