What a game! The atmosphere was the best I have ever experienced at a football game and it was at the same high intensity through the whole game! 

We also had to stand up for the whole game as is a custom at away games which was something I had never done before. I didn’t mind but I wouldn’t want to every game! 

The match itself was a very tight end to end encounter with Arsenal scoring first through a surprising goal scorer in left back Monreal. 

But Man United hit back after just a few minutes and as always against us Wayne Rooney (Shrek) equalised. This was the only stage in the match where you could actually hear the Man United fans! 

First half ended 1-1 and it was a fair reflection with both teams evenly matched. At half time everyone actually sat down to recover and get ready for the second half! 

The second half didn’t disappoint with it still being end to end. But then came the moment everyone was waiting for.  

Out of everyone who could have scored it was ex Man United striker Danny Welbeck who put us in front! He rightfully celebrated as United manager Van Gaal decided to get rid of him and he showed him what he was missing! 

Everyone went absolutely crazy and obviously made the most of rubbing it into the Man United fans. 

Then came the big decision of Di Maria getting sent off for first diving and then pushing the referee. This effectively was game over but credit to United they kept on going. 

The closing stages were quite nerve racking with Man United players constantly diving in desperation but without success. Arsenal also had chances to put the game to bed but De Gea pulled off some world class saves. 

The final score was as I predicted 2-1 to Arsenal with Welbeck scoring. It was a great performance by the whole team and we march on to wembley for the semi finals against either league 1 Bradford or championship side Reading! 

Can we repeat our heroics from last year?


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