Gamble in Monaco

It isn’t long till kick off in our Champions League match against Monaco and it is the game where we need to score at least 3 goals to go through! 

I am feeling optimistic about it because we have nothing to lose and might as well go for it from the start. If we can do this then we could get an early goal which would put Monaco under pressure and they might panic. We then need to calm down a bit and make sure we don’t leave ourselves too exposed at the back.

Then hopefully we will eventually get the 3 goals and go through to the next round. It sounds simple but obviously it will be very hard to progress considering it is away from home. Monaco also have one of the best defences in the competition so to score 3 would be a miracle! 

Another negative is that no team has ever come from a two goal deficit to win in the history of the competition. I wouldn’t say it was likely but certainly not impossible. We are on a great run at the moment and if we can use the confidence gained from it then who knows what could happen. 

Can we produce a miracle in Monaco? It is definitely worth a gamble! 


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