Same old Arsenal

It was almost an exact repeat of last year’s semi final win against Wigan in that it was a game we were expecting to win comfortably turning out to be very nerve racking. But at least this time it didn’t go to penalties!

Unlike last year as well we took the lead first through our best player of the season, Alexis Sanchez! It was made by a great assist from Mesut Ozil and it was also just before half time so the best time to score. It was at this point where I thought we were going to win comfortably but as I know with Arsenal, we rarely win comfortably! 

Then in the second half their goal came making us all think “oh no, not this again!” 

After so many close chances and domination we couldn’t quite manage to get the winning goal and it went to extra time. 

They say it is always the best time to score just before half time and we did it again in extra time. It was Alexis Sanchez again but this time it was helped by a horrific mistake from Reading’s goalie! I felt for him but not too much as we deserved to go through. 

Another final – will it be against Liverpool or Villa!



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