Boring boring Chelsea

With the game ending 0-0 which most people expected, Arsenal fans chanted “boring boring Chelsea” – which they were.

I understand that this draw basically means they have won the title but it was such negative football. They used their classic tactic of ‘parking the bus’ (actually it was more like parking the tank) and counter attacking which is very effective but so boring to watch as a fan and frustrates the opposition. 

But Jose Mourinho is the master of this tactic and knows how to stop teams from scoring as he showed again today! We just couldn’t get past them enough and when we did they were half chances. 

Ultimately though you have to give Chelsea a lot of credit for they way they have played this season and I suppose they can afford to play like this for now. This is shown by them having 6 players in the PFA team of the year! 

This result means that Chelsea have virtually won the league but I reckon we can really challenge next season. All we can do now is try and finish 2nd and win the FA Cup which I would have certainly taken at the start of the season. 



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