Transfer Window!

It is that time again where fans obsess over rumours of which the majority are complete rubbish but still seem to believe them due to hope and desperation. 

As an Arsenal fan I am used to Wenger rarely splashing out the cash but in recent seasons he has started to show that he is capable of doing it by signing Ozil and Alexis respectively. This as a result gives me a bit of optimism for the current window. 

Personally I don’t think we really need to change that much as we were really starting to get going at the end of the season and sometimes too many transfers can disrupt a settled team but there is obviously areas to improve if we want to seriously challenge for the title and Champions league next year. 

A goalkeeper in particular would be the position to focus on because we have lacked a quality one for a while now. Seaman and Lehmann were ideal and we need someone like that. Petr Cech seems to be the person as he is very experienced and has a lot of proven quality at the highest level. However, would Chelsea and in particular Mourinho let him go to a title rival?

I think it would be great if we could get him and his price is around £10 million which is pretty good for a keeper who still has a few good seasons left in him. The problem is that Wenger would have to get rid of either Szczesny or Ospina and they are both very similar in quality. I would get rid of Ospina personally because I think Szczesny has more potential still. 

Another key position would be a striker. Giroud is very good but we still need a different more mobile player (Like Thierry Henry) who is quick and physical. Someone like Lacazette would be ideal and he is also French which Wenger likes. Benzema would be another great option but would Real Madrid sell him? This also gives Wenger a headache though as Walcott has shown he can effectively play there as well as Welbeck but they can also play on the wings so maybe we should just go for it! 

The last position I think we could do with is in defensive midfield as Arteta and Flamini are both past their prime meaning we only really have Coquelin and if he gets injured we would be in trouble. We haven’t replaced Vieira properly and someone like (my friend) Pogba would be perfect but Schneiderlein would be good as well as he has had a really good season in the league. Again though there is a decision as that means that someone like Wilshere, Ramsey or Cazorla would have to miss out and they are all very worthy of a place in the team. 

So basically we could do with three signings and if we can get the players that I said then I would be happy and I believe we would have a great season next year! 


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