Transfer Update

Still no official signing from Arsenal but the rumours have been in abundance. 

The main one being goalkeeper Petr Cech who is on the verge of signing for the club. The official announcement should be anytime now but the whole thing has been as slow as Per Mertesacker. I know transfers are not always quick and easy but it seems this one is agonisingly slow as have been a lot of Arsenal’s transfers in the past! 

However, Petr Cech should be our first signing of the transfer window and what a signing it would be. A lot of pundits say that goalkeepers can win you up to 15 points in a season and titles and I think that is exactly what Cech is capable of. The question is though who would go between current goalkeepers Szczesny and Ospina? For me following his performance in the Copa America Ospina should stay. 

Another transfer that is apparently close to completion is midfielder Arturo Vidal from Juventus. The rumours started when fellow Chilean and Arsenal player, Alexis Sanchez was said to have been trying to persuade him to join at the Copa America and now there are a lot of sources saying that is nearly a done deal. 

I think it would be another great signing for us but is it what we really need? Vidal is not a proper defensive midfielder although he can play there if needed. So overall, I wouldn’t be disappointed if we got him but I was hoping we would get a more defensive midfielder to help out Coquelin. Morgan Schneiderlein would be great (not least because he has a cool first name) but latest rumours suggest that he may be off to Man United.

So Cech and Vidal are the two players who look most likely to join Arsenal at the moment and they are both quality players. If we can sign them then I think the squad would be significantly improved and the only other position I would go for would be a striker. 

Benzema would be great but that would probably only happen near the end of the window as when we signed Ozil. This is because Madrid would need to buy another striker and sometimes the best deals only happen at the end as teams and players are holding out for the best deals. 


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