Arsenal Update

Got back yesterday from Arsenal player (for now at least) Joel Campbell’s country Costa Rica and found that we still haven’t bought anyone new apart from Cech. 

There is still a lot of time until the end of the transfer window but many other rival teams have spent a lot and bought players which increases the pressure on us. 

However this doesn’t mean that those players will turn out to be any good in their new teams and in the premier league. Also quality is better than quantity so for example Cech is better than getting a few average squad players. 

When Spurs sold Bale they bought 7 new players and most of them didn’t perform because it takes time to adapt and the English league is the toughest. Many spurs fans would agree that they would have rather had just superstar Bale compared to the new players and that just shows it. 

And ahead of the new Premier League season tomorrow will Wenger regret not getting anyone else? He thinks that we already have a squad capable to win the league and I agree but it wouldn’t affect us that much if he bought another player. 

Sometimes too many new players disrupts a settled team but you also need to take risks and be ruthless to win. Trying to find that balance is hard but Wenger is usually good at this and ultimately I have to trust his judgement. 

There are still a lot of rumours about Benzema coming but that all depends on whether Real Madrid can find a replacement. If we can get him then I think we will have an even better chance to win the league and even go further in the champions league because he is the world class striker that we have needed. He has also got the backing from club legend and all time leading goal scorer Thierry Henry so you know it would be a great signing. 

Apart from a striker though I don’t really think we need anyone. Maybe another defensive midfielder but we already have a lot of midfielders and good players are already missing out. Also maybe another centre back but for now Mertesacker is a good option and we also have Gabriel and Chambers who are young and have a lot of potential. 

Even in the striker positions we have Walcott and Welbeck as well as Sanchez who can play there instead of Giroud so it wouldn’t be that bad if we didn’t get someone but I certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we did! 

Can Arsenal win the league this year? I think so (although I have said that many times in the past) and I really believe this is our best chance for a while as it is the most talented squad we have had for many years with plenty of both depth and quality. 

Come on Arsenal! 


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