Arsenal v West Ham Review

Well that wasn’t the start of champions. 

I am still in shock and a part of me is speechless and doesn’t know where to start and the other part is asking so many questions about it. There was so much expectation and hope before the game and we lost 2-0 to a team we should beat comfortably at home. 

Credit to West Ham though because they played very well by defending in numbers and effective counter attacking as is the case for all smaller teams these days. We just couldn’t break them down and they made it very hard for us to get into the game and get into our free flowing passing style. It also shows again that there are no easy games in the Premier League and we need to be at our best for the whole season. 

We did have a lot of chances still but we were not clinical enough if we want to be champions. Giroud is a good striker but he is not world class and that clearly showed today. I would have rather Walcott started instead of him because we lacked so much pace apart from Chamberlain who was our best player. 

Another main talking point was about our only signing of the summer in Petr Cech. What was he doing for both goals? I actually joked when we signed him saying I can’t believe Mourinho let him go to us and then I thought to myself imagine if it was an evil plan of his. He could still be getting paid by Chelsea because he was a legend there. I wouldn’t put it past Mourinho but he is still a world class keeper and just had an off day (I hope!) 

Another point I think is relevant is that we were too narrow in midfield and we lacked so much width apart from Chamberlain again. I am talking about Cazorla because he was put in left midfield but to be fair to him he is a centre midfielder so it was Wenger’s team selection that was to blame. 

Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil are great players but they are very similar and sometimes they get in each other’s way so I think that Wenger needs to make a hard decision to drop one of them. We need two wingers and it will also help when Bellerin comes back as he is like another winger. 

Obviously Alexis Sanchez was a big miss for us even though he came off the bench near the end. He wasn’t supposed to play at all because of his delayed pre season training and match fitness but he was still very good when he came on I thought. 

Alexis is also that left winger that we needed so it is the question of who does Wenger drop Cazorla or Ramsey? I think Ramsey because Cazorla was one of our best players last season but Ramsey is very good as well. Against weaker teams they could both play in the middle instead of Coquelin. 

These were all the main talking points in my opinion and Wenger has a lot to think about which I think is good because if we won 3-0 he would have thought that we didn’t need to buy anyone and that everything was perfect but now it is a wake up call to him. This could be the sacrifice that is needed which could make us win the league! 

It is also better to lose at the start as it is a long season and hopefully the players will work harder and not get complacent and show Wenger that he is right to have faith in them. I believe that we will bounce back and hopefully have a great chance of winning. 

Who knows what will happen but it certainly wasn’t the best start but there is a long way to go and things can only get better! 

I wish we had the two players sitting either side of Wenger – we still haven’t replaced them! Will we finally do it?!  


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