Crystal Palace v Arsenal Match Review

The second game of the season already and it was a crucial game already due to last weekend’s shocking performance. This made us have to bounce back if we are going to be genuine title contenders.

And after a nervy finish we did indeed bounce back by beating Palace 2-1 which seems to be the score everytime we play them! We started very well by dominating the possession and creating good chances through fit again Alexis Sanchez who should have scored at least once. 

But the deadlock was broken and after all the talk of a new striker much criticised Olivier Giroud scored the 1st goal of the game and of Arsenal’s season showing great technique from a man of the match Mesut Ozil assist. It was a goal that was much needed for Arsenal obviously and Giroud who silenced his critics. 

However after the goal Palace as you would expect upped their game and caused our defence some problems. Petr Cech looked more comfortable in this game coming for punches but again question marks were on him for the goal they scored. 

It just shows that everything Cech does will be analysed that bit more because he came from Chelsea. I know he is not perfect and everyone makes mistakes but he could have maybe saved their equaliser. On first viewing I said good goal no chance for Cech but when I saw the replays I thought he could have stretched his arms out more.

So it was 1-1 at half time and it was quite fair as it was end to end football but we should have scored at least 3 at the start as we dominated them. The second half was similar to the first as it was a close game with us perhaps not having as many chances. 

But eventually we managed to go in front again. This time it was due to Alexis Sanchez who was very bright and lively throughout the game considering he was not completely match fit. He was able to rise above their defender from a cross and head it towards goal only for another of their defenders to put it into his own goal. I don’t know if it was going in before that or not but Sanchez definitely deserved credit for his desire to get the ball. 

2-1 to Arsenal (which was my prediction before the game) and now we had to make sure we held onto it. Defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin was heavily involved in the game and maybe was lucky not to be sent off as he got two warnings after his first yellow card. 

The Palace crowd made it a lot worse than what it really was but I have definitely seen players be sent off for less. I wish referees would be a bit less harsh nowadays though because if you look at older football games players used to get away with murder. (Not literally murder although people like Vinnie Jones and co weren’t too far from it!)

So Coquelin did get away with it and got substituted straight away after his second warning and player of the match for us last weekend Chamberlain took his place. 

I thought the Ox should have started the game as we needed two wingers and pace and it meant again we played Ramsey/Cazorla out of position. Wenger has to think about this but you can’t complain too much because we got the result and the 3 points so you can’t blame a winning team.

So overall, we are off the mark and are not in the relegation zone anymore! We are also above both Chelsea who have had a terrible start this year and lost 3-0 to Man City after our game. Spurs are also below us but is that really any different to what it always is!

What is important is that we did bounce back from a dreadful first game and won a perhaps trickier game which is how it goes in the Premier League. 

There are no easy games and the smaller teams are getting better because they are signing more high profile players like Cabaye (who was on the front of the programme) as there is more money involved now in the league due to TV deals.

Next up is Liverpool at home and I think we should beat them but it will be a close game with Benteke causing chaos and it won’t probably be like last year when we beat them 4-1. I am confident though and think we will win 2-1 again.

Lastly, there are no updates on transfers apart from obviously Benzema being linked with us every day! Will we actually get him? 

Who knows in football but I do think we will get someone else as I can’t see us going through the whole transfer window buying only one player and we are the only team to not get an outfield player! I think Wenger has a lot up his sleeve and massive coat! Let’s see what happens! 


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