Arsenal Transfer Latest

Same old rumours for Arsenal at the moment. It is all about Karim Benzema!

There have been many rumours about him coming to Arsenal and a few sources have said that a deal in the region of £45-50 million has been accepted by Real Madrid. If this happens it would obviously be a great signing for us but it is only rumours and do Real Madrid really want to sell him?

At the moment they don’t really have another striker apart from Benzema so would we have to wait for them to buy a new striker or are they going to play Ronaldo up front? If they do then Benzema might leave and hopefully this will be to Arsenal. 

Other rumours are Cavani from PSG if the Benzema deal fails but PSG only have him and Ibrahimovic up front so they are short in that position and won’t sell cheaply as a result. I don’t think he has been playing that well recently either and isn’t an obvious improvement on Giroud. 

Giroud is a good player who will score a lot for us because of us having so many creative players behind him but he isn’t world class and can’t create things out of nothing with his lack of pace. We need another option and Benzema would be perfect but if it doesn’t happen then so be it. 

Welbeck and Walcott are definitely different options to Giroud and are very good but aren’t out and out strikers and still need to learn a lot. They could be great though so if Benzema doesn’t come then it will be interesting to see what happens with them. 

As Wenger has said he only gets someone if it is a significant improvement on what we already have (as it should be) and if they are of course the available. So maybe Benzema isn’t available in which case he won’t sign anybody because he doesn’t sign for the sake of it. 

Other teams have strengthened a lot though and Wenger wants to as well but the right players are simply not on the market at the moment for him. Benzema might be available at some point but Wenger will try to keep it quiet and hopefully get the deal done before the transfer window ends! 

Will we sign anyone? 


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