Footballers of the Future: Christian Scales

In the featured image above Christian and I are next to each other on the top left of the team photo for Bengeo Tigers. 

Christian Scales is a promising 18 year old footballer who is owned by Crystal Palace but is on loan at Crawley Town at the moment. 

I am writing about Christian because I used to play football with him when I was younger. We played in the same club (Bengeo Tigers) as well as going to the same school (Haileybury). He was definitely one of the best players in the club and I always thought that he would do well. 

I will always remember once when I was playing against him at youth club level where I was defending a corner and tried to head the ball only for him to do an incredible bicycle/Karate kick challenge on me. It gave me a black eye and I was nearly blinded but I have to admire the skill that he performed. I also remember the referee saying that he would have been sent off in a real game! No hard feelings there and he apologised straight away.

We also played in the same team for the county, Herts and Essex, in a national competition at Repton where he managed to get to the next stage and go into the England development squad. 

His rise went on from there as he played for Norwich in the development squad and then in the higher teams before joining Crystal Palace. He got professional contracts with Chris Hughton and Alan Pardew and has played in the Palace team in pre season this year.

He has got pictures of him signing the contracts with the two managers as well as one with Yohan Cabaye when the two of them came off the bench for one of their friendly games. He also had an article about him in their home programme for the Arsenal game which shows that they have a lot of hope for him in the future. 

Now he has joined league 2 side Crawley Town on loan and will get a lot more game time and valuable experience. He played his first game for them on Saturday and will hope to impress there and show people what he can do. 

Christian is a left back at the moment who likes to attack a lot because he is very fast but he can also play centre back, as well as in midfield. He can even play striker as he did when I played with him so he is very versatile. 

He deserves to have success and I think he will do really well if he carries on playing the way he has done from a young age. Hopefully he will end up playing for Arsenal even though he is a Spurs fan! 

Good luck Christian!



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