Arsenal Fan TV

After every Arsenal game in recent seasons there have been interviews after home and away games with fans called Arsenal Fan TV. It is a YouTube channel and is run by Robbie and his camera man. 

This has got bigger and bigger recently with more people hearing about it and it is always really busy now because people want to see the fans that have really made it so good. James and I go there after the home games and it is usually the only good thing about not winning because that means there are angry fans who are sometimes laughable. 

These fans include Claude who is usually always moaning and annoyed but says he is the voice of reason. He is usually in arguments with Ty who is always positive which goes against Claude being negative most times. I don’t agree with a lot of what Claude says but you have to give him some credit for always being there and he is just passionate and wants the best for the club. 

So there have been a lot of heated debates along with the guy that really got it going, Chris Hudson, who had a classic rant about Arsenal after we lost the first game of the season against Aston Villa 2 years ago. This was followed by Moh who is very articulate and talks for a lot longer than everyone else. He is usually right though and has a lot of strong opinions. Another legend is Bully Arsenal (he actually changed his surname legally to Arsenal) who always blames the referees and is Arsenal through and through. 

There are many other regulars as well as new people and they have all made Arsenal Fan TV really interesting and other clubs have followed suit as a result. Robbie also does Transfer Daily every day as well as other stuff which shows his commitment to the club through thick and thin. 

Talking of transfers Claude said after the Liverpool game that he had his contacts and that he has been told that we are looking at buying two players from one club. Who knows if that is true or not!

Below are Claude and Robbie



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