Arsenal Transfer Latest

In a previous blog I wrote that Benzema didn’t start the Real Madrid game and could be coming, but since then he has almost put an end to all Arsenal fans’ hopes. He did a post on Twitter that basically said he was staying and that all the rumours were not true so this was a huge blow for us. 

Having said that though apparently Sol Campbell said he wasn’t going to join Arsenal from Spurs and he did soon after, and this summer Fabian Delph said he was loyal and would stay at Aston Villa only for him to go to Man City a few days later so anything can happen even when you think there is no chance. 

I don’t think that Arsenal will get Benzema though because Madrid drew their opening game 0-0 and it shows that they need him and they don’t have another proper striker so unless they do we won’t get him. 

Which means we will have to focus on other targets like Cavani or maybe we will not sign anyone and have to make do with what we have already got. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with the transfer window ending on Tuesday next week. 

Below is what Benzema put on his Twitter page 



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