Champions League Draw

It is that time again where Europe’s top teams come together in the world’s best club competition.

This year the draw was a bit different in that the seeding has changed so that only the teams that had won in Europe’s best leagues were in pot 1. This included teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Juventus. 

Other teams like Arsenal who are usually in pot 1 were in pot 2 this year along with Man City, Real Madrid and Man United. Pot 3 and 4 then made up the other teams who had finished high in their respective leagues or qualified through the play offs. 

Arsenal’s group was German giants Bayern Munich, Greek team Olympiakos and Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb. We were obviously very unlucky to get Bayern Munich but the other teams are fairly easy and we should definitely finish 2nd at least behind Bayern. The only good thing about getting Bayern is that we won’t have to play them in the last 16 again like we always do.

Coming 2nd though does mean that we will have to face a 1st place team in another group which will probably be Barcelona meaning we will go out in the last 16 once again! 

The other English teams also had quite hard groups but I suppose they are all hard really in the Champions League. Man City perhaps had the hardest overall by drawing last season’s finalists Juventus and last season’s Europa League winners Sevilla. City should however finish 1st or 2nd with Juventus and go further than they usually do in the competition. 

Man Utd who are back in the competition after missing a year for the 1st time for ages also had a difficult group overall. They got PSV who are perhaps one of the easiest best teams but they also got CSKA Moscow and Wolfsburg who are both good teams so United might struggle a bit there but should go through in 1st place. 

Chelsea once again got the easiest group which featured Mourinho’s old team Porto but they should definitely finish top and should really do better than they did last year. 

Other big games include PSG and Real Madrid who were drawn in the same group and champions Barcelona perhaps got the easiest group out of everyone. They will definitely be the team to beat. 

One big thing to remember this year is that the English teams really need to start doing better than recent seasons and hope the Italian teams don’t do very well because if it continues like it has done we will only be allowed 3 teams every year and Italy will be allowed 4 along with Spain and Germany. 

So it will be crucial for English teams to do well as it is hard enough to get into the top four every year let alone top three. This also applies for the Europa League where West Ham and Southampton haven’t got us off to a good start by not even getting into the group stages. Liverpool and Spurs will have to do better and hopefully the Italian teams won’t do as well. 

Come on English teams!!!


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