Transfer Deadline Day!

It was that time again. The whole summer transfer window came down to this. It always seems to be the same where a team has so much time to do business yet the majority of deals are always done on the last day. 

Most deals are done on the last day because everyone gets desperate and sometimes the best deals are done at the end as a result. There are usually a lot of season long loan deals because there isn’t enough time to make a full transfer but there can be some big deals as well. Examples in the past being Mesut Ozil to Arsenal for over £40 million and Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee. 

This transfer deadline day was a bit different to other years in that all the other major European clubs finished a day before meaning they could not do anymore deals like in England. We had an extra day because of the bank holiday but finished at 6pm rather than at midnight as usual. Perhaps if there was more time more big deals would have been done! 

The big deal of the day was Martial dubbed the new ‘Thierry Henry’ who became the most expensive teenager in history as Man United paid £36 million for him. This just shows the desperation of a team who needs a striker and the other club knows that they can get more money for a player as a result. Will the teenager live up to the expectation? 

My team Arsenal have usually been  involved on deadline day in the past few years and were rumoured with basically every striker in the world but in the end we didn’t get anyone and so were the only team in Europe not to get an outfield player. We were also the only team in England not to get at least 5 players as we only got 1 player all summer in goalkeeper Petr Cech. 

Even Barcelona who perhaps really didn’t need anyone being the Champions of Europe and under a transfer ban still bought two players! This leads to the question why were Man City allowed to spend so much when they were also under it before? Man United in particular, Liverpool and Chelsea also spent a lot as usual and this made Arsenal look a lot worse as a result. 

I found this quite amazing that we went through the whole summer buying only one player but sometimes quality is better than quantity and obviously there just weren’t any world class players that were available for Wenger. 

Arsenal definitely had the money but teams usually aren’t going to sell their players so late on in the window as they would need to find a  suitable replacement quickly which takes time. Benzema was the player that we were after and in the end Real Madrid understandably didn’t want to sell him for a reasonable price and we had to look elsewhere. 

Players like Cavani were rumoured but who knows how much truth was in it. Cavani is very good but not as good as Benzema and isn’t world class or better than Giroud in my opinion. Another player that I thought we should have got was Morgan Schneiderlein to help Coquelin in defensive midfield. But Wenger stuck with the experience of Arteta and Flamini for another year, will that come back to haunt him? 

In the striking department we are left with what we already had in Giroud as our main striker who has to prove once again that he is good enough. We also have Welbeck when he is back from injury and Walcott who is still developing in that position. Alexis Sanchez and Joel Campbell (who surprisingly ended up staying) can also play there so we have the options but none of them are world class strikers which seems to be a limited position in the world of football.

The question is though what did Wenger actually try to do? It would be really interesting to see who he wanted and searched for as he said Arsenal were looking every day. So in the end he must have not really wanted anyone and chose to stick with what we already have which could be a gamble. 

I think along with many frustrated Arsenal fans we definitely could have done with two more players but I trust Wenger’s judgement if he didn’t think the right players were out there. Other teams just spend loads and buy players for the sake of it and this takes time for them to adapt and many of them don’t impress. 

The main point of concern is that all our main rivals did invest heavily so should all improve. This puts Wenger under massive pressure but only time will tell what will happen. 

I think we still have a great chance of winning the league but it will be very tough and will Wenger regret not getting anyone? 

Bring on the January transfer window! 


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