The Morgan Day at Cricket

Cricket is a sport I follow particularly when the Ashes are on but I don’t know as much about it as football or other sports like tennis, athletics and rugby.

This is why it was nice to experience something new. I had been to Lord’s once before when I was younger but I didn’t really understand it. 

This time I understood it much more and was also interested to see the different atmosphere compared to football. It was a one day international match between England and Australia and it featured some players that played in the Ashes. These included Stokes and Ali as well as some Austalians. 

I am of course called Morgan and we found out throughout the day that everyone else was as well. The first being the captain Eoin Morgan as well as the media centre called JP Morgan, and Piers Morgan was also there being interviewed as he loves cricket.

Ed Milliband was also there with his son and was only a few seats next to us on our row. How times change when a few months ago he would have had bodyguards and would have probably sat in the pavilion. A few people shouted his name and one guy took a selfie with him! 

As traditionally in this country the weather played a role with England deciding to bowl first and let the Australians bat in worse conditions as the weather was supposed to get better later on. 

The Aussies started slowly getting a lot of singles but then near the end of the 49 overs (reduced from 50 because of the earlier rain) they really got going. They kept hitting fours and a few sixes as is the case for ODI cricket because they have nothing to lose nearer the end meaning they can take more risks as a result. 

England managed to get a few wickets because of Australia’s risky play and they ended with a very impressive score of 309. 

Next up to bat after a late lunch break was England. They obviously knew that they needed to start well to beat the Australians and it cost us in the end. We ended up losing our best batsman because of them taking more risks and they didn’t stay in the game as much as Australia did. 

The crucial moment of the game came when all rounder Stokes came on with Morgan who lead by example. It was a very rare incident that has only happened once before in test cricket and just 5 times overall in the history of international cricket. 

The incident occurred when an Australian bowler appealed to the umpire that Stokes had obstructed the field by putting his hand out to supposedly stop it hitting the stumps. Stokes was already on the ground and it looked as if he was just trying to defend himself from the ball hitting his face.

The umpire after much deliberation and replays decided he had deliberately done it and he was therefore given out. In the rules it says the umpire has to decide whether any obstruction or distraction is wilful or not. Stokes said in a interview after he did not wilfully do it so perhaps this was the wrong decision but it was a very tough call to make. 

After the incident the England fans booed the Australian bowler who got Stokes out but he managed to get a few more wickets as England went down its batting order. Throughout all the chaos though captain Morgan stayed strong and was the best batsman by far on the day surpassing 50 like no other Englishmen and kept going right until the end. 

The other batsmen did quite well but took risks as they had to and paid the price. Some were just staying in for a while and getting singles so that Morgan could bat more. As the batsman kept falling, however, the game looked to be over despite Morgan’s best efforts. 

It came down to the penultimate batsman who was more of a bowler in Plunkett. He surprised everyone as he managed to get a few fours to get England closer to 300 as well as Morgan hitting some sixes. It was definitely the best part of the game as they had nothing to lose at this point. But unfortunately Plunkett got caught out eventually and that left the last batsman, Finn, who was the best bowler but not known for his batting skills. 

He stayed in for a bit letting Morgan do his stuff but it was always going to be tough and Morgan eventually got caught out by going for a much needed six. But he did his namesake proud! 

England ended up with 265 which was quite close but not close enough. It was quite a similar score to the first test match actually where Australia got 300+ and England were about 70 runs behind so this time they did a bit better. 

Overall, it was an interesting day and I can see why it is a popular sport. It was also the Morgan day which made it that much better!



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