The Queen and Wayne Rooney

What have the Queen and Wayne Rooney got in common? 

It has been a historic week for both Wayne Rooney and the Queen as both achieved new records. Both equally as important of course…

Today the Queen became the longest serving monarch in English history having overtaken Queen Victoria’s record. She has been on the throne for over 63 years and has outlasted 12 prime ministers and many presidents and other heads of state. What an achievement.

Yesterday, however, an equally impressive record was broken. Wayne Rooney overtook Sir Bobby Charlton as England’s all time goalscorer. He now has 50 goals in 107 caps and is still only 29 years old. He was also the youngest ever player to play for England when he was just 17. 

Rooney still has a lot of time and games to score even more to make it harder for any younger player hoping to beat him in the future -maybe Harry Kane! 

His achievement is great and although some people say he isn’t one of England’s best players he definitely scores goals. I personally think he is an England legend already and has done very well apart from maybe not performing enough when it matters in tournaments. 

Now he needs to help his teammates  as much as possible in next year’s Euros, which we have easily qualified for, and finally help his country win a trophy. 

A few years ago Rooney gained a reputation for an incident with a granny. Perhaps that’s why he and the Queen have such a special connection…



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