Most hated team ever? Arsenal v Chelsea Review 

What a game. For all the wrong reasons if you are an Arsenal fan like me but great for the neutral as there were so many talking points and controversy to say the least! 

It probably would have been a better game though if it wasn’t for Costa and the referee who ruined it. 

Diego Costa has a lot of history of being aggressive and playing on the edge and he showed this once again. He thrives on battles with defenders and this time it was Gabriel who got involved with him. 

I should have known really that those two would have been at each other because they do have a history of it when they were in La Liga. But nobody could have believed what happened in this game.

It all started when Costa touched Koscielny in the face and then whacked him before barging him onto the floor if that wasn’t enough for you. But amazingly Costa didn’t get sent off and as a result Gabriel got involved and ended up getting sent off instead. 

Gabriel confronted Costa when he barged Koscielny and remarkably they both got booked before Gabriel then stupidly kicked Costa and had to be sent off. It was like little kids playing in the playground and all the other players surrounded the referee as they always do. 

Mike Dean, the referee (if you can call him that), decided to send Gabriel off and somehow Costa had got away with it! Gabriel wouldn’t have had to be in this position if the referee had done his job properly and fairly. 

This leads to the point of should referees be helped when making key decisions by watching replays like they do in rugby. It would take a bit of time but they could always stop the watch and it is so much fairer. I am sure that if Mike Dean saw it again he would have sent Costa off. 

Costa has now been banned but the damage was done and Chelsea went on to win the game 2-0. Arsenal even got another sending off when Cazorla made a dangerous challenge on former gunner Cesc Fabregas which was quite harsh but I wasn’t as annoyed. 

It was also a sight that I never thought I would see in Fabregas and Cech both legends for either clubs playing for the opposition team. 

And after all the talk beforehand the managers weren’t the main focus in the end as they shouldn’t have been. Wenger did shake Mourinho’s hand even though he didn’t look at him but at least they left their problems away from the game. 

It was so annoying though because until the first sending off the game was very even in my opinion.

Perhaps the only consolation was that in the later game leaders Man City lost 2-1 against West Ham. So we are still only 5 points behind them. 

And we are still 3 points ahead of Chelsea! 


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