Arsenal v Olympiakos Review

The last game was Olympiakos and the less said about the game the better. I am still in shock even now after Ospina’s mistake for their second goal from a corner. I am also still angry that we conceded the third goal straight after we spent ages trying to score the equaliser. 

Walcott and Sanchez scored again which was good but that was the only positive. We are now basically out of the champions league after just two games. This is mainly because of the fact we have to play in form Bayern Munich twice in a row and need to win at least once. 

Fans complain when we go out in the last 16 but this time we will probably get knocked out in the group stages. But maybe this is good because realistically we were never going to win it and can concentrate on the league more. 

Next up now is Man United which is a massive game because they are 3 points ahead of us so we can go level at the top of the league with them if we win. 


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