Arsenal v Bayern Munich Review


Having lost our first two games of the group to inferior opposition this game was virtually a must win fixture if we were to get through the group. Easier said than done though as Bayern Munich are European giants and unbeaten this season. 

That was until they played us. 

Bayern dominated possession but made few chances and those they did make were stopped by world class saves from Petr Cech who is really starting to play well for us. 

But it was Arsenal who had the better chances with the best being a Walcott header only to be denied by another world class save from Manuel Neuer. 

Ultimately, however, the deadlock was broken by super sub Olivier Giroud whose physical presence changed the game. It was a scrappy goal from a free kick where Neuer came out and made a rare mistake. 

So 1-0 to the Arsenal and we had to hang on before German Mesut Ozil grabbed an injury time second from a great run and cross from Bellerin. Neuer pushed the ball out of the goal only for Chamberlain to kick over the bar so nobody realised it was a goal. This was until Ozil started celebrating and it slowly sunk in that his shot had gone over the line. 

It was the best atmosphere at the Emirates for quite a while and the score stayed at 2-0 for Arsenal to record a historic Champions League victory.


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