Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday Review

The Capital One Cup is a strange competition because it causes a dilemma where if you win it means having to play more games leading to players getting tired and injured but if you lose it is still a competition and a trophy to be won and it’s always disappointing to lose. It is also the least important competition out of the four on offer but it gives other players the chance who either just miss out on being on the first team so want to impress or upincoming youngsters. 

Well, after a good run of form we went into the game high in confidence but we did put out a weakened team as you would expect. Players like Debuchy, Chambers, Gibbs, Campbell and Flamini were all given a chance as well as youngsters, Kamara and Iwobi. As a result it was always going to be difficult as these players hadn’t played regularly together before compared to Sheffield Wednesday’s team.

The game started badly as one of our more experienced and better quality players, Chamberlain, went down injured early on and had to be taken off. He was replaced though by Theo Walcott who was arguably an upgrade but it was just Arsenal’s luck that he went down as well soon after and he also had to be substituted! 

A nightmare start and I felt this changed the game completely as these players could have really made a difference. Sheffield Wednesday then showed their experience in playing as a team as they went on to lead 2-0 at half time leaving us on the brink of exit.

The second half was no different as we defended badly and they ended up getting a third to end the game. So 3-0 and we were out for another year. I wasn’t too upset with the result but was with the two key injuries we got. It meant that Chamberlain and Walcott would miss the crucial games coming up and this proves exactly why teams want to play fewer games. 

We were now in an injury crisis – sound familiar Arsenal fans? 


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