Arsenal v Bayern Munich Review

Unlike in the league we have struggled in the Champions League this season meaning we have it all to do. Following a great win at home to Bayern we must have had some confidence against them this time but they were out for revenge.

This revenge clearly showed from the start as they completely dominated the game. We couldn’t even get the ball and they penned us back until they scored through in form striker Lewandowski and then they scored another two before half time. We had a few chances on the break and Ozil had a disallowed goal for handballing it. 

3-0 down and the second half was all about keeping the score down and playing a bit better than the first. Bayern though continued their dominance and added a fourth before Giroud scored a great consolation goal. Apart from Giroud though everyone played poorly and Bayern were amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went on to win the whole competition. 

We were outclassed and it shows how much of a difference playing at home and away makes. They were the better team by far though on the day and it didn’t help that we have a lot of injuries at once again. Bellerin and Koscielny both missed out in this game and they are massive for us. I think we still would have lost but perhaps it would have been closer. 

Anyway another loss which means we have to win our last two games now. Bayern also have to win their next game which they should to give us a chance of finishing second in the group and qualifying for the last 16 (sound familiar Arsenal fans?) 

So all is not lost because it should actually happen and it will probably all come down to the last game where we face Olympiakos away needing to win by 2 goals which we should do.


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