West Brom v Arsenal Review: Same Old Injuries 

Just like every year people say that Spurs are better than Arsenal, there is also something else that Arsenal fans have to put up with every year… 

Yes, it is injuries and as an Arsenal fan I certainly know a lot about this. Every team gets injuries but we always seem to get more and once again we are in an injury crisis. 

It was a disappointing afternoon for Arsenal. We started well with a goal from our only fit striker Giroud but that was the only positive from the whole game. 

Coquelin, one of our best and most important players, got a serious injury and had to be taken off for Arteta (who also got injured) and West Brom got back into the game. 

Their first goal coming from a free kick with sloppy defending from us before Arteta scored a needless own goal to put them 2-1 ahead. 

We gave everything we had in the second half and won ourselves a penalty to rescue a point but it was just not our day as Cazorla who is usually so reliable slipped over and skied it. 

So not only did we drop 3 points in a game we should have won but our injury crisis has also worsened.


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