Norwich v Arsenal Review: More Injuries

Following the win in midweek we needed to bounce back in the Premier league having only got 1 point in November. 

It would be another tough game especially with our injuries but we should be winning these games to win the league. 

But it is the Premier league after all and this year more than others has been particularly crazy. Every time is beating each other and there are no easy games. 

We started well with a goal from inform Ozil following a Ruddy goal kick mistake and he was assisted by Sanchez showing another example of them combing together. But just like West Brom this was the only positive of the game. 

Koscielny who is our best defender and one of the best in the league pulled up and had to be replaced before arguably our best player along with Ozil, Alexis Sanchez pulled his hamstring. 

This was after he got stupidly pushed into a cameraman where he didn’t get injured but there was talks before the game of him having a chance of getting injured. Wenger was told he was ok to play so we got unlucky once again. 

Sanchez is such an important player for us and to make things worse Cazorla also got injured and we found out after that he will be out for a while. 

So injuries aside, Norwich got back into the game to make it 1-1 and that was the final score meaning more points dropped against a weaker team. 

But as my mum always says at least we didn’t lose and we are only 2 points off the top! 


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