What is happening to Chelsea?!

Ever since they controversially and unfairly beat us it has all gone wrong for Chelsea. 

It is hard to know the reason for their downfall especially because they have the same team as last season when they were miles ahead of anyone in the league. 

Players like Hazard, Costa, Fabregas, Ivanovic and Terry are nowhere near playing at the same standard as they did last year and nobody knows why. 

Hazard in particular was the best player in the league last year and now he is a shadow of that. Costa also started so well at this stage but is letting his emotions get the better of him too much and needs to concentrate on the ball and not attacking players! 

Ivanovic has been so consistent the last few seasons but now his legs have gone and he is their obvious weak link. The same goes for John Terry who looks like he has finally come to an end after having an amazing career and I think he should have ended on a high last year. Fabregas has also been very poor and perhaps he doesn’t love the club and regrets moving there?

Is it because of the arrogance of Mourinho who is perhaps too big for the club? I think the controversy of sacking the physio created a lot of tension and who knows what goes on behind closed doors? There is only so much a manager can do though and I believe he is definitely the right man for the job as much as it pains me to say it. 

I don’t wish for many teams to collapse apart from Tottenham obviously but Chelsea I think deserve what they are getting at the moment. They were too confident and I think they underestimated everyone. Mourinho also needs to concentrate on the game and his team more rather than belittling other teams including Arsenal. 

Having said all of this I still think that Chelsea are an amazing team, as they should be considering the amount of money they have spent in this Abramovich era and I expect them to come back. Their target now has to be top 4 as the title is surely out of reach. 

As I am writing this Chelsea are playing against Leicester tomorrow evening. At the start of this weekend one of those teams was top of the league and one was 15th. A year ago who would have thought which way round it would be? 


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