The Sacked One

All the talk this week has been about two things. One is Star Wars and the other is Jose Mourinho. 

I knew Mourinho was obviously under pressure but I was still surprised when it was confirmed he had been sacked. He is a great manager who has had success at all the clubs he has managed but obviously this was a step too far. 

I still can’t believe the contrast of Chelsea’s title winning team last season compared to this season and this has to be because of Mourinho in some way or another. He must have lost the dressing room and the players just didn’t look interested or motivated and perhaps they didn’t want to play under him anymore. 

What makes matters worse is that in the first game yesterday without him they won comfortably and the players seemed to be back to their best. Is this a coincidence? Would they have won if Mourinho was still the manager? Who knows but I find it very strange and feel sorry for Mourinho (never thought I would say that) as the players should always play their best for the club and the fans.

It was a hard decision to make because I think that Chelsea have lost one of the best managers in the world as well as their best ever manager but obviously it wasn’t working for some reason that we might not ever truly know. I think it all started with the physio incident and got worse from there. 

So Chelsea have now appointed Guus Hiddink as their interim manager until the end of the season. Hiddink did very well last time and he can’t really go wrong this time. His aim will have to be keeping them in the league (sounds so strange to say that) and anything else is a bonus and will make him look even better. 

After him though will it be Guardiola or someone else? Guardiola is linked with all of the top four at the moment. I would personally love him at Arsenal but I respect Wenger too much and would only take him if Wenger left. 

As for Mourinho he must come back to management sometime. Their has been talk about him returning straight away maybe to Man United (what an appointment that would be) as well as going back to Real Madrid. 

Wherever he goes I expect him to still do well but I think he needs to learn from his mistakes. In my opinion what makes him a good manager also makes him a bad one in that he is very confident and arrogant but perhaps he will never change and get sacked again. Just look at Wenger who has been consistently good for many years and is still very respected. Who is the specialist in failure now?

It is a loss for Chelsea as well as the Premier League as he is a massive character and is so interesting to watch and write about. I’m sure he will be back but to where is the question? 


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