Southampton v Arsenal Review: Our New Bogey Team 

It used to be Bolton and then it was and still is Stoke and now it seems that Southampton have become our latest bogey team. This is however only when we play them away as we usually win at home showing the difference playing home or away makes. 

It was the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, and looking at the performance did the players have too much fun this Christmas? Also after the great result against Man City in the game before were we perhaps complacent?

I also want to mention that this was the first game this season that I didn’t watch properly. Coincidence? Was me not watching it the real reason why we lost? If so I take the blame for it. 

I did however see bits of it and saw the highlights with the goals. From what I saw it was our worst performance of the season by far and Southampton looked the better team. 

However their first two goals were controversial. The first one was offside in the build up leading on to their best goal of the game. The second one looked like Koscielny was fouled before the same player who fouled him scored. 

Wenger also said that the third was debateable as well as it wasn’t a corner and I agree but it was very hard for the officials to see it. The fourth was ok though but by then the damage was already done. 

So perhaps we got unlucky but this happens in football and in other games we have perhaps got lucky so it usually balances out in the end. I also think that Southampton were the better team on the day from what I saw and we just (hopefully) had an off day. 

So a surprise loss as we haven’t lost for a while and fortunately we have the chance to bounce back tomorrow against Bournemouth at home before we play Newcastle at home the day after New Year’s Day. Hopefully the players don’t have too much fun this new year’s! 

We are still right in the mix at the top of the table and even after this result I think we have a great chance to win the title in this crazy, unpredictable season! 


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