Arsenal v Newcastle Review: First Game Of The Year 

The first game of 2016 and we were hoping to start the year off with a bang. 

On paper and looking at the forms of the two teams it should have been an easy Arsenal win but Newcastle played very well and it was far from comfortable.

I personally thought that Gabriel should have started instead of Mertesacker following his goal and good game against Bouremouth. Apart from that it was the team I would start with Chamberlain ahead of Campbell. 

Our players looked tired after the ridiculous fixture list and Newcastle seemed to thrive being the underdog. 

We weren’t at our best at all giving the ball away a lot and Newcastle created many chances only for Petr Cech to save us a few times once again. He really is a world class keeper which we have missed for so long and has already won us points like people said he would at the start of the season. 

Having a world class keeper allows you to be in the game for longer and we took advantage of this eventually. A corner was whipped in and seemed to be dealt with before Giroud rose and headed it towards the goal for a stretching Koscielny to stab in. 

It was a bit of a scrappy goal but it was a scrappy game and in the end it doesn’t matter how you win. 

After the goal Newcastle continued to threaten before Ramsey had a great chance at the end to kill the game but he missed and it summed up the performance. We weren’t great but did what was needed. Like people say good teams win ugly and we haven’t done this in other years. 

Mesut Ozil once again was on a different level but for once he didn’t get an assist! 

So a 1-0 win which was the result against Newcastle in the opposite fixture but it could have easily been a draw. 

We are still top and following Leicester’s draw we are now two points clear. 

Next week is the FA cup but after that we have some tough games coming up so we will need to be better and hopefully Alexis Sanchez who is coming back will help as well as any new transfers we get! 


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