Arsenal v Chelsea Preview: Can we get our revenge?! 

The day has come for us to get our revenge following the reverse fixture at Chelsea. It was probably the angriest I have ever been watching a football match as Chelsea won in very controversial circumstances. 

One name and person (if you can call him that) comes to mind in Diego Costa. He attacked Koscielny and Gabriel fought back only to get himself sent off and Costa got away with it completely. He also hit Chamberlain later on the game but still didn’t get punished at the time.

Costa was eventually punished but the damage was already done and they went on to beat us. 

Gabriel probably won’t play today so won’t get his revenge and Costa has only just got back from injury so hopefully he won’t be as influential.

It was also when they were struggling and Mourinho always got the better of Wenger so that made it that much worse. We should have maybe won and a good close game was ruined by one man. 

Along with Costa, Terry and Fabregas are also not my favourite players that’s for sure and with Mourinho managing them I hated them more than Tottenham.

But now, though, Mourinho has been sacked so Wenger had the last laugh and it should be a great game. Chelsea are still struggling and we are right at the top. 

My score prediction is 2-1 to us but hopefully we will destroy them. Ozil and Sanchez will be crucial having both come back from injury and Cech will hopefully show them what they have been missing. I’m sure Costa and Fabregas will get their fair share of boos as well. 

In the words of Kevin Keegan “I would love it… I would love it if we beat them!” 

Come on Arsenal! 





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