FA People’s Cup: The Lards In Shock 1st Round Exit  

Forget the Champions League, Premier League and the FA Cup, the only competition that really matters is the FA People’s Cup. 

Over 35,000 people are taking part around the country and ours was at Wembley. The winner gets the chance to go to Wembley and watch the actual FA cup final. It is all sponsored by the BBC and the highlights are next Saturday. 

So it is a 5 a side game for amateurs (although this was questionable for some of the people we played against) and the rules specifically said that you can’t play in the Premier League or any professional league.This meant no Mesut Ozil unfortunately! 

Our team, The Lards, had 5 people and let’s just say it’s the taking part that counts! The less said about the games the better but I thought we all played well against very strong teams. 

Just as Arsenal often get drawn against the best team, or England get drawn in the group of death, we had a similar unlucky scenario. Looking around there looked like there were teams that weren’t as good as the ones we played and like I said before some players against us were near professional standard. 

We played against teams that have probably played together a lot so are used to how each other plays and they also had rotating subs which we didn’t. We were probably the youngest there as well apart from James of course who was most likely the oldest! 

We also didn’t have a proper keeper which as an Arsenal fan I understand how important it is as they can save you matches. We all had to take it in turns and none of us would say we fancied ourselves in goal, that’s for sure. Other teams however had a dedicated goalie the whole time. 

Another thing that was annoying was the rules and having been used to playing 11 a side a lot when I was younger it is hard not to do the same things. For example you couldn’t slide tackle, hit the ball above a certain height or head it. 

Apart from all of this though it was a good day and we gave it our best shot.

Special credit to our two goalscorers, James and Ben who both handled the pressure to convert their penalties. It’s just a shame that we let in (a lot) more than 2 goals at the other end. 

So our cup run ended but there’s always next year! 



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