My England Starting Line up for Euro 2016! 

This is my starting 11 to play the first game at Euro 2016 if I was Roy Hodgson. 


Clyne      Smalling         Stones      Rose


              Barkley                 Alli 

                          Rooney (c)

                 Vardy               Kane 

A very attacking team but I think it is the best overall and I managed to get Rooney in there even though I said I wouldn’t before! You just can’t leave out your captain and country’s top goalscorer ever. 

The other hard choices are either Stones or Cahill alongside Smalling and Barkley or Henderson in midfield as well as leaving out Sterling, Welbeck and Sturridge. 

This formation is a diamond as well which might not be good when playing against a specific team especially as it means we don’t have much width. But that’s what substitutions are for and Hodgson can play different teams for particular games which is one of the strengths we have.

Do you agree with this team? What changes would you make? 



3 thoughts on “My England Starting Line up for Euro 2016! 

  1. I think, if you’re going to make it “Spurs centric” you may as well pick Walker over Clyne. There’s not much between them and Dier knows how to play when Rose and Walker bomb forward. I’d go 4 2 3 1. Hart, walker, smalling, jagielka, rose. Dier, Ali. Welbeck, Barclay, Lallana. Kane. Vardy off the bench in the last 20

    • Haha no I thought you would say that and it’s a good point but it worked well against Germany with Clyne and I think he is a better defender overall. Also with your team Jagielka starting is very questionable in my opinion but the rest of the team is ok and another good point about Vardy but he has to start for me. Everyone has different opinions and Hodgson will probably pick a different team knowing him!

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