Arsenal v Aston Villa Review: Can We Finish Above Spurs?!

It has been a disappointing season for us missing out on winning the title to Leicester but we still had something to play for with Spurs only 2 points ahead of us on the last day of the season. So we needed to beat Villa (we couldn’t have asked for an easier team) and hope that Spurs lost to relegated Newcastle which I thought would happen. 

Our starting line up featured Cazorla and Wilshere who were both fully recovered from injury and it always seems to happen to us when players come back at the end when it is too late. We still needed them for this game though and we got off to the best start when Giroud scored a trademark header after just five minutes. 

This eased some nerves but for the rest of the half it was all about what was going on in the Newcastle v Spurs game. To everyone’s amazement Newcastle were 2-0 up at half time and it was amazing to see the reaction from our fans. The news filtered around the stadium so quickly and I couldn’t believe it. 

Meanwhile in our match we struggled to take control of the game for some reason after our goal and Aston Villa surprisingly had quite a lot of possession. This led to us being left frustrated at half time with the score only 1-0. 

The second half was similar to the end of the first where we couldn’t break them down and they kept the ball well. There were some nerves in the stadium and it got worse when we heard Spurs had got one back against Newcastle. This was followed by Newcastle going down to 10 men but obviously we couldn’t hear everything that was going on. So it was the not knowing that was so tense for me. 

But then everything suddenly changed as 10 man Newcastle somehow got another goal from a penalty and then we got a much needed second goal from Giroud again after a good finish from an assist from you know who. This eased all the pressure and we added a third just two minutes later with Giroud getting his hat trick. This time it was from a well timed pass from Bellerin and Giroud proved his doubters wrong once again. 

Things got even better as our fans went mad when they heard Newcastle had got a 4th and then a 5th goal a minute later against Spurs which was just crazy. We then finished with a 4th goal in injury time which came from Arteta but ended up as an own goal by their keeper. I think it counted as an Arteta goal though and it was nice for him as he was playing his last game for the club. 

Rosicky was also leaving the club this summer and they both got their rightful farewell applauds. What I wanted to know though was where was Flamini because he is also apparently leaving this summer with them but he didn’t get any send off.

Both Rosicky and Arteta though have been at the club for a while especially Rosicky (10 years) and they have done very well for us at times and deserved the reception they got. 

So after everything that happened we actually finished 2nd in the league behind Leicester by 10 points which is mad and we somehow managed to finish above Spurs once again. I can still say in my lifetime they haven’t finished above us and I really didn’t think we would this season which makes it extra special and very funny. 

2nd is also the highest we have finished since 2005 which is amazing but it isn’t winning the league which is what we should have done. We beat Leicester twice and are a better team in my opinion. We just didn’t play as well as we should have and Leicester deserved it in the end playing with passion and without any real pressure. 

An interesting stat is that we finished 4th in 2013-14, 3rd in 14-15 and this year we finished 2nd so next season we should finish 1st!

What a season it has been! What will happen next season?


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